The scout leader training programme

The training programme consists of a number of modules covering different skills need as a leader.

The scheme consists of two parts:

Learning: To gain or improve the knowledge and skills you need to develop for your role.

Validation: To check you have the skills you need.

Getting Started

There are 2 mandatory modules that need to be completed within the first 5 months of a leaders start date.

These can be taken in parallel to the other appointment processes of DBS checks, References and meeting the appointments committee.

These modules are:

#1 – Essential Information – This has a mandatory e-learning course – available at: This will give more info about the course & you can start this by selecting:

To begin the e-learning click here – halfway down the page:

This asks for your name at the start & please print the certificate at the end.

Once completed you will need a discussion with a Training Advisor to validate the module. – This can be done at the Appointments meeting if you bring your certificate.

#3 – Tools for the Job – This has an e-learning course that is very useful to those new to Scouting.,223,235&moduleID=10

To start the course: To begin the e-learning click here towards the bottom of the page. Again it will ask for your name & please print certificate at the end.

The validation of this module is to be observed running and activity, ceremony and game by a Leader at a section meeting.

At the appointments meeting, you will meet the Training Manager who will discuss the other aspects of training.

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